Dusty “Delvis” Duling of Eureka Springs, Arkansas, is a lifelong live music road warrior and a noted performer as “Delvis,” an Elvis Presley tribute artist that fans from all walks of life thoroughly love!

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The Story of Delvis

As a boy I had an innate fascination for Elvis and his way of affecting people with his voice and body language. The way he took a song and created instant contact with people's hearts and most primal emotions has always been a source of inspiration. My parents had all his records so I felt compelled to show my momma and pappa what I look like being like Elvis...so DELVIS was born.

Since then I have been perfoming as DELVIS for friends, family, fundraisers, and various events. If you want to get All Shook Up, give me a shout! DELVIS is here for you.

So when a song shoots down through my soul, to the audience, and back again, I hope you’re there to feel the shivers as smiles are brought to the surface.

The King may have gone on home, but DELVIS is here to guide the light at this end of the tunnel. It's Now or Never, because we're all caught in a trap. However, with The Wonder of You and our Burnin’ Love, That's All Right, Mama. Just remember Don't Be Cruel and you are ALWAYS On My Mind.

Thank ya, thank ya very much. – Dusty “Delvis” Duling

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